Counseling For Grief

Grief is the pain that happens after loss, and it can happen not just after the loss of loved ones but with the loss of anything that we are attached to like treasured pets, losing a home, losing a job, after a divorce, and/or losing possessions. 

It is a fact that different people grieve differently. The process usually involves sadness, anger, loneliness, and other various emotions. There is no timeline for grief as memory brings pain in people, which can be considered distress that causes acute stress. 

Moving on in life doesn’t mean forgetting; the goal of grieving is figuring out how to remember when moving forward in life. 

People react to the grief process differently, some people experience very complex and complicated grief that lasts more than a reasonable period, months and even years. This may cause them to withdraw from many life activities and relationships, causing loneliness and lack of enjoyment. 

Untreated complicated grief can lead to depression, sleeplessness, overeating, withdrawal from simple life routines, and many others. This complicated grief may cause many physical, mental, and other relational issues.

Grief Can Cause:

How Our Treatment for Complicated Grief Can Help

Psychotherapy has been found to be advantageous in treating complicated grief. Our treatment program will help clients learn coping skills, helping them understand their reactions and grief symptoms, redefine their life and adjust to the loss. 

Our treatment program also aims to promote natural healing by integrating motivation, psychoeducation, and individual goals. Based on the cognitive behavioral treatment approach, exposure, and cognitive restructuring become a significant part of the treatment, creating healthy bonding with the loss and promoting future prospects.

Additional in-office and telehealth therapy services at Central West Counseling in Spring Hill, FL include: