Therapy For Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)

Addiction is a complex problem where one has no control over substance use despite having different consequences. The use of the substance (alcohol, illicit drugs, or tobacco) has come to a stage where the person’s social or occupational functions are impaired.

People experience:

How Addiction Affects You & Your Loved Ones

Addictive behaviors lead to poor judgment, unable to make decisions, affect the learning process, decreased memory, and poor behavioral control.

Symptoms of Substance Use Disorder include:

10.7% of males 12 years or older and 6.3% of females met the criteria for substance abuse disorder.
National Survey on Drug Use and Health

How Our Addiction Treatment Program Can Help

Substance abuse (alcohol abuse, drug abuse) is a disease that affects the brain and the behavior of the abuser. Abuse leads to family dysfunctions and the family members take on many roles to keep up with the mess and problems.

Abuse of a family member may lead to codependency for the partner. In the case of children, it may lead to behaviors of avoidance, shyness, enabling, or acting out to protect the family from problems.

Individual and family counseling is highly recommended during the road to recovery by attending other programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous groups or Narcotics Anonymous groups.In addition, most people suffer from co-occurring disorders that need special counseling for both mental health problems and addiction problems.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, comprehensive assessment and psychotherapy treatments are significant components of substance abuse treatment.

For substance abuse treatment we provide:

Additional in-office and telehealth therapy services at Central West Counseling in Spring Hill, FL include: